TouchCare® Slim 14 CGM
  • See day and night trends in your glucose levels
  • Customisable glucose targets, alerts, and alarms to warn when glucose is predicted to go low or high
  • Helping you to reduce Hypos and improve Time In Range
  • A small hair-like sensor inserted just under your skin, measures glucose levels continuously for up to 14-days
  • A slim profile rechargeable transmitter attaches to the sensor which wirelessly sends glucose readings every 2 minutes to your smart device1
  • Transmitter stores 14-days of glucose readings, meaning no data loss if separated from smart device
1. compatible with Android, iOS Smartphones and available on Apple® Watches.
Fewer Fingerpricks
Enjoy the freedom of managing your glucose levels discreetly, with fewer fingerpricks, no scanning and no calibrations1.
1. Calibration is possible if desired, confirm with a finger prick if symptoms or expectations do not match readings or alerts.
  • The slim, flat transmitter is ergonomically shaped for improved comfort
  • The waterproof3 sensor is small and discreet and is designed for up to 14-day wear
  • Allowing you to swim, shower or exercise and carry on with normal life
3. IPX8 rated up to 1 hour continuously at depth of 2.5m.
Customise Alerts and Alarms
  • Individualise your targets
  • Medtrum TouchCare® Slim 14 CGM will alert you when you are going high or low
  • Predictive Alerts and Alarms are designed to provide up to 30 minutes advance warning before going low or high
  • Helping you to avoid a hypo or hyper, provide peace of mind, improve glucose control and increase Time In Range
Sharing glucose information has never been easier, keeping you connected with your support network.
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