TouchCare® Nano Pump
  • The world’s smallest* 200U patch pump
  • World’s 1st 300U tube free patch pump
  • Waterproof** and Discreet
  • Option to integrate with Nano CGM
  • Smartphone control option
* 13.8g – 40.5mm X 31.5mm x 11.5mm
** IP28 rated up to 1 hour continuously at depth of 2.5m
  • Freeing you from multiple daily injections with up to 3 days continuous insulin delivery
  • Discreetly wear the tube-free Nano patch pump under clothing and attach anywhere you would give an injection
  • Freedom from the tangles of tubes of traditional tethered pumps
Request a Demo Pump
  • Try a Demo Pump at home for size
  • Includes cannula insertion for a real experience
Choice of Smartphone Control or Wireless Handset
Choose to use your Smartphone or Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) handset to control your pump.
Easy to program and deliver your Insulin requirements
The first tubeless Insulin Pump tubeless Insulin Pump that can be controlled using a Smartphone with EasyPatch App
Alternatively use the intuitive touchscreen Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) handset.
It is easy to get started
  • The PDM or EasyPatch App allows you to deliver a bolus remotely

  • The background insulin continues even if separated from the PDM or EasyPatch App
  • You can easily set multiple basal rates including zero rates as well as useful pre-sets and temporary basal rates
  • Option to completely suspend insulin delivery if needed for up to 2 hours
Remote Bolus using PDM or EasyPatch App
Flexible Bolus delivery using the inbuilt Bolus calculator.
  • Remote bolus delivery, no interruptions to daily life
  • Options to deliver Normal, Combination or Extended depending on food choice and activity
  • Hassle free corrections with no need to stop work or play
Optional CGM Integration
Uniquely the TouchCare® Nano Pump is Medtrum CGM enabled
Seamless integration with Medtrum CGM for Automated Insulin Delivery
Share and Follow
Pump data is wirelessly uploaded and easily shared for remote viewing by your healthcare team and unlimited number of family and friend followers.
Apps. and Data Sharing
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