EasyPatch App – Smartphone controlled Insulin Pump
  • Pump users have the option to control their tubeless insulin pump using their Smartphone
  • No separate handset (PDM) needs to be carried to operate the Medtrum pump
  • Providing more freedom and convenience to discreetly bolus using your phone
Life-changing Freedom
  • Smartphone Control of your Patch Pump (and CGM)
  • Less to carry for more convenience
  • Easy to use with simple, intuitive interface
  • Automatic data upload for Real-Time sharing with unlimited followers and healthcare professionals
Tomorrow’s Technology Today
  • Modular, Flexible and Advanced
  • Seamless integration with Medtrum CGM for Automated Insulin Delivery
6. insulin delivery status icons
7. directional trend arrows
Easy-to-understand graphs visualize and analyze your glucose values, insulin delivery, food intake and other events
Data is automatically uploaded and can be viewed and shared remotely with unlimited followers and your HCP.
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