EasyPatch App
The first commercially available Insulin Pump that can be controlled using your Smartphone
  • Medtrum pump users have the option to control their tubeless insulin pump (and integrated CGM) using their Smartphone
  • No separate handset (PDM) needs to be carried to operate the Medtrum pump
  • More freedom and convenience to discreetly bolus using your phone
EasyTouch App
Use with Medtrum PDM alongside Patch Pump and/or CGM.
  • Data is uploaded automatically from your PDM on to the EasyTouch App. every 2 minutes
  • Mirrors the information on your PDM. Displays insulin delivery, pump status and CGM data on your Smartphone
  • When using the CGM, instantly know your current glucose level, which direction it is heading and how fast it is changing
  • Enables Pump and CGM status to be shared seamlessly with loved ones, carers, and healthcare team via the EasyFollow App. or EasyView website
EasySense App
Use with standalone Medtrum CGM
  • Keep track of your glucose levels anytime, anywhere with a quick glance at your Smartphone or Apple watch
  • Customisable targets, alerts and alarms provide peace of mind with advanced warnings before a low or high glucose level
  • Data can be shared seamlessly with loved ones, carers, and healthcare team via the EasyFollow App. or EasyView website
EasyFollow App
Sharing your pump and/or CGM information has never been easier.
  • Stay connected and share Real-Time data from your CGM and Patch Pump with loved ones, carers, and healthcare team
  • Allows followers to view your Real-Time pump and/or CGM information on their Smartphone and receive Real-Time alarms and alert notifications
  • Unlimited number of followers
EasyView Website
Cloud-based system for sharing and viewing your Pump and CGM data.
  • Provides detailed, easy-to-understand reports, for better insights and analysis of insulin delivery, glucose trends and logged events
  • Allows Pump and CGM data to be remotely shared with your Healthcare team for additional support between clinics
  • Enables you to decide on any changes and monitor improvements
Medtrum Mobile Apps are available on Apple® Watches as a widget.
  • EasySense with Apple Watch – provides Real-Time glucose readings and analytics of CGM data
  • EasyTouch with Apple Watch – provides pump status information, Real-Time glucose readings and data analytics
  • EasyFollow with Apple Watch – allows loved ones and carers to follow pump status information, real-time CGM data and analytics
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