A6 TouchCare System

The Predictive Low Glucose Suspend feature helps to prevent severe hypoglycemia, bringing you the peace of mind you deserve, and minimizing any unnecessary energy spent on monitoring and controlling glucose.

A6 TouchCare System


  • Designed for maximum comfort, with multiple choices of infusion sites
  • No risk of tangles, no extra infusion sets
  • Thinner, smaller, and lighter than ever, easily hidden underneath clothing
  • Integrated design: 200 U insulin reservoir, infusion set, pumping mechanism, and power supply


  • User-friendly application and operation
  • Wearable when swimming, showering, exercising etc.
  • Basal patterns stored in the pump. Delivery continues even when the PDM is out of range
  • Easy, remote bolus dose


A tiny, flexible, hair-like sensor

  • Placed under the skin, yet completely unnoticeable
  • 720 sensor glucose readings per day

A compact and discreet transmitter

  • No risk of data loss
  • Records and fully uploads data automatically

Exceptionally accurate CGM

  • 9 % MARD (mean absolute relative difference)

Automated sensor insertion

  • Sensor inserted in a flash by the simple pressing of buttons
  • Virtually pain-free insertion

Waterproof design

  • It goes where you go: swimming, showering, etc.